Cheryl C

I have been honored and privileged to be Dr. Anuja Garg’s patient for the past 7+ years. Dr. Garg continually demonstrates the essence of what it means to be a doctor. Her many intellectual and personal strengths repeatedly enrich my life and the lives of my family. When I first met Dr. Garg, it was clear that I was meeting a uniquely dedicated individual. She has always impressed me with her well-developed sense of perspective and her insistence to cover every aspect of any problem I present to the maximum degree possible, rather than simply “covering the bases”. A quality unmatched by her peers. Dr. Garg holds a level of excellence that other doctors may not need, but which serves Dr. Garg immensely well and which others would do well to emulate. Beyond Dr. Garg’s considerable strengths as a doctor, I am struck by what I have observed from her spirit as a human being. She is kind, caring, and dedicated to her patients, but above all she possesses a manner of humility I’ve not witnessed from any doctor, ever. Dr. Garg’s positive regard toward practically every person she interacts with is almost palpable, even from a distance. It is abundantly clear that she finds and draws strength from her connections to others, offering help, support, encouragement, and friendship with striking openness and warmth. She does this comfortably and readily across any axis of difference, building community with her fellow colleagues of different ages, races, cultures and language backgrounds. Dr. Garg’s future, both professionally and beyond, is a bright one in which she and those who share the journey with her stand to benefit immensely. She possesses the ambition, self-knowledge, and habits of mind and spirit to steadfastly influence the lives of everyone she encounters, and I wholeheartedly recommend her as a physician to anyone in search of a truly fantastic doctor.