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Travel Clinic Overview

Our clinic’s dedication lies in crafting tailored services that seamlessly align with your unique travel requisites. Whether you’re venturing on an elaborate expedition or a swift getaway, our arsenal is fully equipped to furnish you with specialized insights, vaccinations, and medical guidance to ensure a journey marked by health and security. Delve into the wide spectrum of services we proudly offer:


Individually Tailored Pre-Travel Consultations:

Engage in a one-on-one session with our travel medicine expert to delve into your upcoming plans, chosen destinations, and any pre-existing health considerations. Your narrative becomes the cornerstone for us to furnish personalized counsel on potential health risks, essential vaccinations, and effective strategies for prevention.


A Comprehensive Range of Vaccination Choices:

Our Travel Clinic is your all-inclusive vaccination hub, meticulously curated to suit the specifics of your travel locations and the potential exposure to various diseases. From fortifying against yellow fever and typhoid to bolstering defenses against hepatitis A and B, meningitis, and beyond, we present the entire spectrum of vaccines vital for a journey devoid of worries.


In-Depth Scrutiny of Health Threats:

Our seasoned medical practitioner deeply explores the health hazards entwined with your chosen destination. Whether it involves endemic diseases, considerations for the safety of food and water, vigilance against insect-borne illnesses, or guidance navigating altitude-related challenges, we’re your beacon of knowledge, ensuring you remain informed and prepared.


Precisely Tailored Prescriptions and Medications:

Based on your path, you might require specialized prescription medications – antimalarials, antibiotics, or remedies for altitude discomfort. Our medical professional will meticulously prescribe what’s required, ensuring you embark armed with the exact arsenal your journey demands.


Empowering Travel Health Education:

Enrich yourself with the treasure trove of travel health wisdom we offer! Our expertise extends to imparting pivotal knowledge about maintaining the safety of your food and water, embracing effective strategies for insect protection, practicing optimal sun safety, and cultivating hygiene practices attuned to your chosen destination.


Fending off Insect-Related Hazards:

Never underestimate the threats posed by insect-borne diseases, especially ailments like malaria, dengue fever, and the Zika virus. Stand confident with us as your guides, navigating the effective use of insect repellents, bed nets, and other safeguards custom-fitted to your location and risk level.


Guidance for Altitude Comfort:

If your journey ascends to higher altitudes, cast aside concerns. Our clinic offers expert counsel on strategies for acclimatization, altitude sickness medications, and recognizing the distinct signs of discomfort that elevation might bring. With prescriptions tailored for your needs, we ensure your voyage is seamless, and free from altitude-induced hindrances.


Post-Travel Health Assurance:

Our esteemed Dr. Garg is a primary care specialist and a seasoned travel medicine expert. With this comprehensive expertise, we’re primed to offer post-travel evaluations. These evaluations are designed to detect and address any health issues that might emerge during or after your journey. Timely detection equips us to address any travel-related health concerns that may arise proactively.


Facilitating Travel-Ready Certification:

For destinations necessitating evidence of vaccination, rest easy knowing we’ve got you covered with internationally recognized certificates. These include the coveted “yellow card” for yellow fever. Enter your chosen destination with unswerving confidence, armed with the necessary documents.

Your journey’s prologue begins in our capable hands. We’re not just your companions but dedicated partners, steadfast in nurturing your well-being as you embark on global exploration. Step into our Travel Clinic in Livermore, and together, we’ll chart a course for your adventure, with health and safety illuminating the path.



Travel Clinic: Yellow fever Vaccine

Yellow fever, a potent viral disease transmitted by mosquitoes in specific regions of Africa and South America, presents a significant threat to health. It has resulted in fatalities in critical cases, underscoring the need for urgent precautionary measures. This ailment primarily prevails in equatorial Africa and certain parts of South America, with no presence in Asian territories. Tragically, tourists lacking yellow fever vaccination have become victims of this illness, succumbing to its effects.

Certain nations mandate yellow fever vaccination as an entry requirement, especially for travelers from regions where the disease is endemic. However, this requirement isn’t uniformly adopted among all countries with yellow fever. Therefore, it’s wise for travelers to prioritize vaccination as a protective measure.

The yellow fever vaccine is cleverly formulated using a live virus cultivated within chick embryos. Following administration, the vaccine may occasionally trigger a mild infection within three to seven days, lasting approximately one to three weeks.

For those seeking to meet the entry criteria established by countries demanding yellow fever vaccination, the certificate confirming immunization remains valid ten days after the vaccine’s administration for primary recipients. This timeframe aligns with the period when immunity usually strengthens. It’s important to understand that this certificate remains valid indefinitely, regardless of its issuance date. Opting for vaccination proactively ensures both peace of mind and robust health.

YF-VAX from Sanofi Pasteur is a vaccine that protects people nine months and older from yellow fever. It contains a weakened form of the virus made harmless, so it cannot cause illness. When you get the vaccine, your body will produce antibodies to fight against the virus, protecting you from getting sick.

You can use this link to book the appointment and check out the prices of the vaccine.


Travel Clinic: Covid Vaccine

As of April 2023, it’s crucial to be aware that only the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID vaccine (in both Original and Omicron formulations), the Moderna COVID vaccine (in both Original and Omicron formulations), and the Novavax COVID vaccine (NVX-CoV2373), a recombinant protein vaccine with an adjuvant (monovalent), have been authorized for use in the United States.

The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are accessible to individuals aged six months and older, while the Novavax vaccine is suitable for those aged 12 or older. If you’re uncertain about the most suitable vaccine for your needs, our clinic’s medical expert can offer guidance and assist in prescribing the appropriate option through your preferred pharmacy.

Should you require it, our clinic’s doctor is ready to discuss the optimal vaccine choice for your situation and assist in the prescription process at the pharmacy of your preference. You can easily book a travel consultation using the provided link to initiate this process.

Travel Clinic: TDAP Vaccine

It’s important to remember that every traveler should consider the potential threat of pertussis, a contagious respiratory disease. To safeguard your well-being, individuals aged 19 to 64 should receive a single TDAP dose, even if a TDAP booster has been administered recently. Additionally, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices extends this recommendation to adults aged 65 and older who have close contact with infants under one-year-old. This category encompasses grandparents, childcare providers, and healthcare practitioners.

If you have any questions or concerns about Tdap vaccination, our clinic’s doctor can provide guidance and help you schedule an appointment. We provide the TDAP vaccine at our clinic through insurance if we are in the network or using the cash-pay service. You can check the prices and book online using this link.


Travel Clinic: Rabies vaccine

Remaining vigilant about the potential dangers of rabies is paramount, particularly if you live in an area where the disease is prevalent in animal populations. These regions collectively house more than 3.3 billion individuals globally, and regrettably, rabies contributes to approximately 59,000 human fatalities annually. In the United States, about three fatal rabies cases have been recorded yearly since 2000, with most instances connected to bat exposure. Despite its almost universally fatal outcome, prompt wound care and swift post-exposure prophylaxis can effectively halt the advancement of rabies.

It’s important to note that while pre-exposure prophylaxis may provide some protection against rabies, it should not be relied on as a replacement for proper wound care and prompt post-exposure treatment. To gain immunity, you will need at least two doses of the Rabies vaccine, and there are two licensed, inactivated virus vaccines currently available in the United States: Human diploid cell vaccine (HDCV; Imovax Rabies) and Purified chick embryo cell vaccine (PCECV; RabAvert).

At our clinic, we provide both of the above vaccines. You can use this link to review the prices and book online.


Travel Clinic: Meningitis vaccine

Awareness about meningococcal disease is important because it predominantly affects young, previously healthy individuals and can lead to meningitis, sepsis, and other severe ailments. In addition, survivors may experience long-term complications.

Our clinic does offer the Menactra meningitis vaccine, and the doctor will discuss this with you during your visit for vaccination. For additional information on Menactra, you can also check out the CDC page.

You can review the prices and book the appointment online using this page.


Travel Clinic: Typhoid Vaccine

Receiving the typhoid fever vaccine becomes crucial when your travel plans involve destinations where the risk of encountering S. Typhi is prevalent. However, it’s important to know that the oral typhoid vaccine is not recommended for individuals with immunodeficiency, ongoing fevers, or acute gastrointestinal illnesses. Additionally, caution is advised for pregnant individuals and those with chronic intestinal conditions like irritable bowel syndrome.

For those choosing the parenteral polysaccharide Vi vaccine, it’s administered via an intramuscular injection. It’s worth noting that a booster dose after two to three years is recommended to uphold the vaccine’s effectiveness. On the contrary, the oral typhoid vaccine adheres to a four-dose regimen and can be conveniently administered concurrently with other live vaccines.

At our clinic, we offer Vivotif oral typhoid vaccine and injectable Typhim VI typhoid vaccines. You can check prices online and book an appointment using this page.


Travel Clinic: Polio Vaccine

Most adults in the United States have undergone polio vaccination during childhood, a measure that likely protects against the disease. Without specific indications, it’s reasonable for most adults who grew up in the United States to assume they have been vaccinated against polio. The inclusion of polio vaccination has been a longstanding component of the standard childhood immunization schedule in the country for many years.

For adults who have previously undergone childhood vaccination in the United States, likely, they have also been immunized against polio. Completing the polio vaccination series using IPV is recommended when adults are cognizant of or suspect gaps in their polio vaccination history.

Moreover, adults who have completed their polio vaccination series but are at an increased risk of potential exposure to the poliovirus may choose to receive a single lifetime IPV booster to enhance their immunity.

A single-antigen vaccine called IPOL is licensed in the U.S. for active immunization of infants (as young as six weeks), children, and adults to prevent poliomyelitis caused by poliovirus types 1, 2, and 3. We do provide the IPOL polio vaccine from Sanofi Pasteur at our clinic. Please check the CDC website for more information. You can check pricing and book online by visiting this page.


Travel Clinic: Hepatitis A vaccine

When your travel itinerary includes regions with a potential risk of hepatitis A exposure, it becomes essential to contemplate the option of vaccination against this disease. Our clinic presents the Havrix vaccine, authorized for individuals aged ≥12 months and administered through a 2-dose series. The precise dosage of this vaccine varies based on age, making a consultation with the doctor pivotal to determining the suitable amount.

To simplify the process, you can effortlessly review vaccine prices and secure your appointment online via the provided link. Initiating your travel health protection begins with a well-thought-out vaccination strategy. This vaccine is a standard inclusion and can be processed through your insurance. To obtain further details, feel free to connect with our clinic. For individuals aged ≥18 years seeking vaccination against both hepatitis A and hepatitis B, the Twinrix vaccine is an option to consider, holding approval in the United States as well.

We administer the Havrix vaccine at our clinic for Hepatitis A. You can also check our cash-pay prices or book online using this link.


Travel Clinic: Hepatitis B vaccine

Hepatitis B is a notable liver infection that can be prevented through vaccination. The virus is transmitted through contact with infected blood, semen, or other bodily fluids. Indicators of this infection encompass fatigue, reduced appetite, abdominal discomfort, nausea, and jaundice. While some individuals might experience a fleeting illness, hepatitis B has the potential to transform into a persistent condition, which could ultimately lead to severe health ramifications like liver disease or liver cancer.

Infants and young children are at an elevated risk of transitioning into a chronic hepatitis B infection. Getting vaccinated is the best prevention method. We offer a vaccine called Engerix B, which is recommended for all adults aged 18-59. The dosage and frequency of the vaccine depend on your age, so please consult our doctor for more information. Additionally, all adults should get screened for hepatitis B at least once in their lifetime.

This is a routine vaccine that can be billed to your insurance. You can also check our cash-pay prices or book online using this link.




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