All antiobesity medications in US are FDA approved for ADULTS who meet the criteria, Patients who failed to benefit adequately from lifestyle modifications and physical activity alone and have health problems because of their weight and BMI > 30 (Obesity) OR BMI >27 (Overweight) + 1 Obesity Related Disease


FDA approved AOD use in Adolescents:

Metformin for DM2, PCOS, IR > 10 yo

(Off label for weight)

Phentermine for > 16 yo (Short term use)

Orlistat for > 12 yo (Long term use)

Pediatric population (2-12 yo):

No antiobesity meds  are FDA approved for weight loss

Geriatric population (>65 yo):

FDA approved antiobesity meds  do not have upper limits of age for use

FDA approved anti-obesity medications are contraindicated in pregnancy, and should not be administered to, nor taken by women who are pregnant or trying to become pregnant

Benefits of Anti Obesity Medications :

  1. To help make necessary diet and lifestyle changes (i.e. eating habits, improve activity level)
  1. To initiate weight loss in non-surgical patients (i.e. bariatric surgery, orthopedic surgery)
  1. To adjunctively address weight regain or initiate weight loss in non responders after bariatric surgery
  1. Maintenance of weight loss and body composition (prevent recurrence of obesity)

1. Maintenance of improved health/Remission of AHCs

Most agents may be characterized into 3 primary groups

1) Centrally acting medications that impair dietary intake

2) Medications that act peripherally to impair dietary absorption

3) Medications that increase energy expenditure

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