Hydrodermabrasion facial near you in Dublin

Hydrodermabrasion facial is a revolutionary skincare treatment that combines oxygen, water, and a customized serum to exfoliate and deeply hydrate your skin. It promotes healthy blood circulation, tightens the skin, minimizes pore size, and prevents the development of bacteria and impurities on the skin’s surface. If you make regular treatments a part of your skincare routine, you can experience even greater benefits.



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Hyfacial Before and After - Eye covered

Hydrodermabrasion Before and After

Hydrodermabrasion with LED therapy before and after

Can you share the experience of the Hydrodermabrasion facial at your clinic?

Our clinic has a video presentation highlighting this treatment, offering a precise preview of what to expect. Nevertheless, it’s essential to remember that the video does not include supplementary procedures such as LED lights, radiofrequency treatment, or oxygen therapy.



What are the benefits of getting a Hydrodermabrasion facial?

Hydro dermabrasion could be an appealing option for those with sensitive skin that doesn’t respond well to other types of microdermabrasion. This alternative treatment is gentle yet effective, diminishing scarring and dark spots, enhancing blood circulation, and promoting collagen and elastin production for a smoother and radiant complexion. This treatment is generally suitable for most skin types, excluding severe acne.

Water-based serums are employed to exfoliate and nourish the skin, containing beneficial ingredients like hyaluronic acid, peptides, salicylic acid, and vitamin C. These serums are intentionally formulated without alcohol, gluten, sulfates, parabens, or phthalates. Importantly, there’s no downtime associated with the treatment, allowing you to resume your regular activities immediately.

This treatment can vary in cost depending on your location and the specific package or deal you opt for. However, we offer attractive pricing options and the convenience of online appointment booking. Since this treatment falls within high-end facial treatments, insurance coverage is unlikely, making it typically an out-of-pocket expense. While the Hydrodermabrasion treatment can yield swift and noticeable results, achieving the best and longest-lasting outcomes often requires multiple sessions, potentially leading to cumulative costs.

Following the treatment, you might experience minor side effects such as itching, redness, and slight swelling, which typically dissipate within hours to a few days. Nonetheless, if these symptoms persist for over a week or raise concerns, consulting a skincare specialist is imperative to prevent potential infection or scarring. We also advise embracing post-treatment skincare strategies to address any potential concerns proactively.


Why should I do a Hydrodermabrasion facial in Dublin?

We have a licensed medical Esthetician available for consults before the treatment. Our staff has undergone extensive training and has conducted numerous procedures.


Could you please let me know about the various treatments available in Dublin?

You can find all the information about our laser treatments by visiting our medical spa page.


How can I look at prices and book appointments?

You can view our prices by visiting this page and clicking the book online button. You can also review our Hydrodermabrasion facial page for more information.


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