Lash lift and tint near you in Dublin

A Lash lift and tint enhancement combo,  is a cosmetic artistry that subtly enhances eyelashes. This sought-after technique gently elevates and curls lashes, unveiling an open-eye allure. The method employs specialized solutions and techniques, yielding the illusion of longer, fuller lashes.

The procedure follows these steps:

  1. Preparation: Lashes are meticulously cleansed, ensuring they’re makeup and oil-free.
  2. Solution Application: Curved silicone shields create a base; a lifting solution reshapes lashes.
  3. Gentle Curling: Expert tools softly lift and curl lashes over the silicone pad, crafting the raised look.
  4. Setting Solution: A setting solution secures the desired curl.
  5. Optional Tinting: Some opt for lash tinting, deepening lash color for a mascara-like effect.
  6. Solution Removal and Nourishment: Solutions are wiped away, and a nourishing serum may be applied.

Results linger for weeks, gradually diminishing as the natural lash cycle unfolds. This non-invasive alternative to extensions provides natural allure and elongated lashes, especially suitable for those with straight or downward-pointing lashes, eliminating the need for daily mascara and curling.



How long does a lash lift last?

The duration of lash lift results varies due to individual factors like lash growth cycle, skincare routine, and maintenance. Generally, effects last 6 to 8 weeks, with the lifted look gradually fading as natural lashes cycle.

Timeline overview:

Immediate: Noticeable lift right after the procedure, most pronounced initially.

First Weeks: Enjoy full benefits as long as lashes maintain lift.

Weeks 4-6: Slight reduction as new lashes grow straighter.

Weeks 6-8: Lifted lashes shed, new ones revert to a natural state.

To prolong results:

  • Avoid Moisture: Allow 24-48 hours for solutions to set.
  • Gentle Care: Be cautious during makeup removal.
  • No Oil-Based Products: Avoid weakening the lift.
  • Use Lash Serum: Maintain lash health and strength.

Individual experiences vary; consult your Esthetician for personalized care guidance.


How long does the lash tint last?

The endurance of a lash tint hinges on elements like an individual’s inherent lash growth cycle, the tint’s formulation, and daily routines. Typically, tints remain vibrant for about 4 to 6 weeks, slowly fading as new lashes emerge.

Touch-up sessions every few weeks can uphold the tint’s allure, while mindful care, like steering clear of oil-based products and gentler eye handling, can extend its vibrancy.


What product do you use for lash lift and tint?

Our certified Esthetician carries out The lash lift procedure, utilizing top-notch Elleebana products. For the tinting aspect, we rely on the FDA-compliant Rectofil lash tint product, ensuring a safe and compliant treatment under the skilled hands of our estheticians.


Why use Eleebana Lash Lift products?

Elleebana stands out in the realm of lash enhancement, marked by unique qualities, unparalleled quality, and a revered standing. Their innovative formulas deliver impressive and lasting results while prioritizing the health of natural lashes. Professionals can access tailored lash lift products to suit diverse preferences and lash types. The brand’s commitment to safety, quality, comprehensive training, and focus on lash well-being contribute to its global acclaim and prominent status in the industry.


Why use Refectocil’s last tint products?

Refectocil sets itself apart as an FDA-compliant lash tint product, a notable achievement. Its reputation in the beauty industry is founded on multiple factors:

  • Performance and Excellence: Renowned for delivering consistent, top-tier results, Refectocil excels in producing lash tint products of unrivaled quality. Formulated for enduring, even color coverage, they uplift lash aesthetics.
  • Diverse Color Palette: Offering an array of tint shades, Refectocil empowers clients to attain their envisioned lash color, be it subtle enhancement or striking drama.
  • Trusted by Professionals: Beauty experts, including lash technicians and estheticians, frequently choose Refectocil products. Its industry presence bolsters credibility and appeal.
  • Safety and Compatibility: With proper application by skilled professionals, Refectocil’s tints are meticulously designed for lash and brow use, ensuring minimal risk of irritation or unwanted reactions.
  • Streamlined Application: Detailed instructions and user-friendly techniques offered by Refectocil streamline the process, enabling professionals to achieve desired outcomes seamlessly.
  • Enduring Enhancement: While individual experiences vary, Refectocil tints typically grace lashes with enhanced allure for weeks, prolonging the aesthetic benefits.
  • Esteemed Legacy: An established name in the beauty sector, Refectocil’s legacy underscores its commitment to meeting the demands of lash and brow enhancement.


How is the experience of doing a lash lift with the Eleebana lash lift kit?

Elleebana offers a safe approach to achieving captivating, long-lasting lifted lashes that retain their charm for 12 weeks. The results are remarkably durable, creating the optical illusion of enhanced length, volume, and richer lash hue. Our individually packaged sachets prioritize hygiene and offer a hassle-free solution for achieving impeccable lash lifts.



How will the experience with doing Lash tint using Refectocil products?

Venturing into a lash tint journey with Refectocil products guarantees an encounter marked by expertise and meticulousness. Our thoughtfully selected tints encompass a spectrum of alluring hues, assuring the realization of your envisioned aesthetic. Guided by skilled professionals, the process is secure and pleasant, resulting in exquisitely defined lashes that harmonize flawlessly with your inherent beauty.


Lash lift vs. Lash extensions

When it comes to enhancing the allure of your lashes, both lash lifts and extensions offer unique methods, each with an array of benefits. Let’s explore the differences between these renowned lash enhancement techniques:


Lash Lift: Awaken Natural Beauty

A lash lift acts like a magical spell, enhancing the innate elegance of your lashes. This non-invasive procedure imparts a captivating upward curl, creating the illusion of elongation and openness. Treating the lash base achieves a graceful arch akin to expertly applied mascara. The results emit a supremely natural aura, elevating your eyes without additional lash materials.


Key Aspects of Lash Lift:

  • Enhances your natural lashes with a lifted and curved effect.
  • Avoids the use of extensions or extra substances.
  • Offers a more alert and wide-eyed appearance.
  • Perfect for those seeking a low-maintenance beauty routine.
  • Typically retains effects for weeks, gradually reverting to your natural lash state.


Lash Extensions: Elevate Glamour

Lash extensions are your ticket to instant lash allure. Synthetic lashes are meticulously applied onto your existing ones using specialized adhesives. The outcome? Lavishly elongated lashes, often with added volume and flair, depending on your chosen style. Lash extensions provide a customizable avenue to achieve your desired lash look, whether it’s a natural flutter or a daring statement.


Key Aspects of Lash Extensions:

  • Provides immediate length and often volume and drama to lashes.
  • It involves attaching individual synthetic lashes to natural ones.
  • Requires periodic upkeep appointments as natural lashes shed.
  • Offers an array of styles, ranging from subtle to bold.
  • It lasts until natural lashes naturally shed, about 4 to 6 weeks, needing touch-ups.


In essence, lash lifts enhance the curl and appearance of your own lashes, while extensions offer an opportunity to experiment with length, volume, and style. The choice hinges on your desired aesthetic, maintenance preference, and lifestyle. Whether drawn to the subtle elegance of a lash lift or the instant allure of extensions, both methods offer distinct ways to frame your eyes and elevate your beauty routine.


Before and after Lash lift with Ellebana


Where can I review the price for the lash lift and book online?

You can visit this page to review lash lift prices and book an appointment online.


What other beauty treatments do you offer?

Within our medical spa, a range of treatments await your consideration. Peruse our comprehensive service menu and associated prices on our online booking platform—rest assured, no booking or credit card details are required to access this information.


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