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Primary Care

Primary care is often the first point of care for most patients with an undiagnosed symptom, sign, or health concern. Dr. Garg has been highly trained and has been doing primary care since past 12 years . As part of her role as PCP , she provides diagnosis , treatment , follow up of most chronic medical problems such as diabetes , hypertension , hyperlipidemia , asthma . Also ,she conducts regular and comprehensive physical exams every year . In addition,she  responsibly coordinates care with other health services related to a patient’s care as necessary.She is also board certified in primary care psychiatry and can help manage common psychiatric ailments presented  in primary care setting.

Preventive Care Annual Visit  involves :

Age Appropriate Cancer Screenings

Age and risk appropriate Vaccinations

STD screening as needed

Tobacco and Alcohol abuse Counselling as needed

Screening Labs as needed

Screening for osteoporosis and fall prevention counselling as indicated

Annual Staying Healthy Asessments

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Our vision at One Stop is to provide a single getaway for primary care , aesthetic care travel and weight loss medicine. We also prescribe weight medications for eligible candidates. We accept all major insurances.

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