USCIS Medical Exam for Immigration Physical

USCIS medical exam for immigration physical

Dr. Anuja Garg performs the USCIS Medical Exam for Immigration Physical at Onestop Aesthetic Travel and Wellness Center. Dr. Anuja Garg at Onestop Aesthetic Travel and Wellness Center is a USCIS-designated civil surgeon. Dr. Garg is highly rated for her USCIS Immigration Services on Yelp and Google reviews.

It usually takes two appointments to get the USCIS I693 form filled by a designated civil surgeon. In the first appointment, the civil surgeon performs the physical exam and reviews your vaccination records. The civil surgeon will order labs and provide a checklist for all the vaccinations that need to be completed.

Once the labs and titers are reported, the civil surgeon will inform you about any additional vaccines or X-rays needed. Once all the requirements are fulfilled, the civil surgeon will ask you to come and collect the filler I693 paperwork from the office. As we are enrolled with most of the commercial insurance and also provide pre-negotiated labs, we can either bill your vaccines to your insurance, or you can also choose to cash pay for labs.


Table of Contents

Medical Exam


Are you a USCIS-designated civil surgeon?

Dr. Anuja Garg is a USCIS-designated civil surgeon. She has been practicing adult medicine for over 20 years. She will be performing the USCIS exam for you. Our clinic is listed on the USCIS website as “Onestop Aesthetic Travel and Wellness Center.”


How can I book an appointment for I693?

You can request an I693 appointment online using this link. We will review your appointment request and confirm within 24 hours.


How much does the USCIS medical exam cost for an immigration Physical?

Please call the office at 925-263-9547 for the best price for the USCIS medical exam.


USCIS I693 Form

What is the latest USCIS I693 form I can use for this?

Please download and print out the I-693 form for each individual from


What instructions should I follow to fill out the I693 form?

  1. Please print and complete the attached I-693 forms for each patient.
  2. You will need to complete part 1 of page 1.
  3. Complete the top section for pages 2-14: Family Name (Last Name), Given Name (First Name), AA – Number (if any). **This is located at the top of every page. **
  4. Bring completed I-693 forms to your appointment.
  5. Bring your COVID vaccination card, immunization records (if any), insurance card, and photo ID to your appointment. (We cannot accept a digital version on your phone. We need a physical copy to attach to your packet.)

**Make sure forms are completed in BLACK INK ONLY and are SINGLE SIDED COPIES**

Please bring all requested documents in hand, as we cannot accept digital copies shown on your phone. We look forward to seeing you at your appointment if you have any questions, please call our office at 925-263-9547.



What is the typical process for completing the I693 USCIS medical exam?

All applicants usually need TWO appointments.

First appointment: The doctor will review your history, perform a physical, review everything you bring, and we will order whatever is missing

Second appointment: We will fill in all the missing stuff and give you the completed paperwork

We will give a sealed envelope to you with all your paperwork and one copy for your records at no additional cost.

The second appt will be asap (it depends on what things you are missing and when we get the lab reports)


Do you provide a duplicate of the final I693 form of the USCIS immigration physical?

If you have a valid reason for requesting a duplicate original, please write an email to info@onestopaesthetic.comWe charge $50 for a duplicate.


My GC exam was done less than six months ago, but my dates were retrogressed. Do I need to repeat my USCIS medical exam for the immigration physical?

If <6 months have elapsed since the last check, a no-repeat exam is needed if nothing has changed in medical history and you have not traveled outside of the US (certain exceptions apply) 

If 6-12 months have passed since the last check, a repeat GC exam will be needed; you can use the same labs. 

If 12 months or more have passed since the last check, a repeat GC exam + repeat labs are needed.


My sealed package was open in transit. Do you charge for resealing packets? Why?

We charge $35- $50 (depending on the work we need to do)  to reseal the package if we are convinced that nothing has been changed or tampered with and the seal was accidentally broken in transit. 

We must reinspect everything before resealing.

The USCIS doctor might need to sign the package again.


USCIS Lab test

What tests must be ordered by a USCIS Civil Surgeon and cannot be ordered by your primary care doctor?

As per updated guidelines by USCIS/CDC, Civil surgeons are required to order testing for STD as well as Tuberculosis (TB) tests by themselves. No outside tests done before your appointment with a civil surgeon will be accepted. You can review the current guidelines by visiting the following URL and noting the key concepts section therein:

  1. Gonorrhea Test (Age 18 – 26 years)
  2. Syphilis Test (Age 18 – 44 years)
  3. QUANTIFERON TB (required for all ages>/=2 years). You will need a chest X-ray in case a TB test comes positive. Chest X-ray cannot be obtained through your primary care doctor’s order. It has to be ordered by a USCIS doctor to fill out the form.


Will I get lab orders during my USCIS medical exam appointment?

Yes. Lab orders will be given at the time of the appointment.


What is the lab work required for USCIS physical for most individuals aged greater than 15 years?

  3. QUANTIFERON TB (required for all ages>/=2 years)
  4. Vaccine titres : MMR , Varicella , Hepatitis B (certain exceptions)

Please note :

If the QuantiFERON Tuberclosis (TB) test is positive, you will need a Chest X-ray (CXR) to confirm that you don’t have active Tuberclosis (TB).


USCIS Vaccines

Can we get vaccine records and titers previously ordered by our primary care for the USCIS medical exam?

You can still see your primary care provider for vaccinations and vaccine titers. Civil Surgeons are allowed to accept vaccination records from their primary care provider. Pediatric patients can get vaccines through their pediatrician and bring their immunization cards.

We can provide you with the required vaccines or issue you a prescription to get the vaccines from your local pharmacy. You can bring proof of vaccination for form completion. We currently cannot provide a COVID-19 vaccine, and you must get it from your local pharmacy; a prescription is unnecessary.


Will the USCIS doctor administer or order the required vaccines for the USCIS medical exam?

Yes. We can administer the required vaccines or issue you a prescription to get the vaccine from a local pharmacy.



What are the required vaccines for most adults?

  1. Tdap
  2. COVID
  3. MMR (vaccine titers accepted)
  4. Varicella (vaccine titers accepted)
  5. Hep B (vaccine titers accepted)
  6. Flu ( only in influenza season)

Please note: the vaccine list is different for children and elderly patients aged>/=65 years. All Elderly patients age >/=65 years need pneumococcal vaccine (Prevnar 20 is preferred). Hep B vaccination is recommended for adults aged 19–59 years and adults aged ≥60 years with risk factors for hepatitis B


You can review the exhaustive list by following the link as below: Vaccine requirements according to age


What is the exhaustive vaccination list for Children for USCIS medical exam for immigration physicals?

  1. HepA
  2. Hep B
  3. Hib
  4. Rotavirus
  5. Polio
  6. MMR
  7. Varicella
  8. PCV
  9. Meningococcal (11-18 yrs old)
  10. DTap ( 2months- 6 years)
  11. Tdap (may be required for ages 7-10 and required for 11 and up)

You can review the exhaustive list by following the link: Vaccine Requirements According to age


What are the requirements for POLIO VACCINE BOOSTER for USCIS immigration physical?

All immigrant visa applicants who are either residents of or long-term visitors (i.e., > four weeks) to the below countries are required to receive one dose of inactivated poliovirus vaccine (IPV) within 12 months before travel to the United States to be considered admissible for immigration purposes.

  • WPV1:  Afghanistan, Malawi, and Pakistan
  • cVDPV1:  Madagascar and Yemen
  • cVDPV2:  Afghanistan, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Djibouti, Egypt, Ethiopia, Gambia, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Iran, Liberia, Mauritania, Mozambique, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Republic of Congo, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Sudan, Tajikistan, Uganda, Ukraine, and Yemen


What are the cash pay rates for USCIS vaccines if I don’t have insurance?

You can go and book an appointment online using the book online link. It will also show the rates for vaccines.


What is the COVID Vaccination for USCIS immigration physical?

The COVID-19 vaccines approved for use in these Technical Instructions, hereinafter referred to as “approved COVID-19 vaccines,” are those vaccines authorized for emergency use (EUA) or approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or listed for emergency use (EUL) by the World Health Organization (WHO).


People who received the COVID-19 vaccine outside the United States

Table A.2. Received a COVID-19 vaccine listed for emergency use by WHO but not approved or authorized by FDA

Received a COVID-19 vaccine listed for emergency use by WHO but not approved or authorized by FDA
Vaccination historyRecommended actions
Received all recommended primary doses for that vaccine
  • Do not repeat primary series.
  • Administer booster dose(s) if eligible.
Received partial primary series for that vaccine
  • Complete the primary series with mRNA vaccine doses (s) as close to the recommended time. Space from the last WHO-EUL vaccine by at least 28 days.
  • Administer booster dose(s) if eligible.
Received a booster dose after completion of primary series
  • Do not repeat booster dose.
  • Administer a second booster dose if eligible.


Which Pneumonia vaccine do I need for my elderly parents at or above 65 years of age to meet USCIS medical exam requirements?

As per USCIS guidelines, PCV 20 or PCV 15, followed one year later by PPSV23, are the only approved pneumococcal vaccines for patients aged 65 and above. Some civil surgeons are still giving Prevnar 23, which is no longer in the guidelines.

You can review the latest guidelines at this link:


Do all vaccine series must be completed before vaccination requirements are fulfilled for the USCIS medical exam for immigration physical?

For vaccines requiring a series, only a single dose is required for immigration purposes, except for the COVID-19 vaccine series.  For most vaccines, if administration of the single dose of a vaccine at the time of the medical examination does not complete the series for that vaccine, the “Insufficient time interval to complete series” reason will be documented to indicate that additional doses will be needed to complete the series for that vaccine.

Exception: Primary series of COVID-19 vaccine must be completed before this exam.


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