Yellow Fever Vaccine near you in Pleasanton

Yellow Fever Vaccine near you in Pleasanton

We are a Yellow Fever (YF) vaccination provider registered with the CDC. The Aedes aegypti mosquito is the primary transmitter of the deadly viral hemorrhagic illness, yellow fever. It is widespread throughout much of South America and Africa. The yellow fever vaccine is affordable, effective, and strongly advised before visiting a nation where the disease is endemic. For the majority of people, a single dose offers lifelong protection.

  • For those traveling to or residing in areas at risk of yellow fever virus in Africa and South America, a single shot of the live, weakened form of the virus vaccine offers lifelong protection.
  • The vaccine is recommended for individuals aged nine months or older.
  • It is important to note that certain countries may require proof of yellow fever vaccination before entry. Please refer to relevant resources for information on specific vaccination requirements and recommendations for particular countries.
  • Important information on the CDC Travelers’ Health page highlights that not all resources for dealing with yellow fever vaccine reactions are available.
  • Typically, reactions to the vaccine are mild and may result in headaches, muscle pain, or low-grade fevers.
  • However, some individuals may experience severe and life-threatening reactions such as an allergic response causing breathing or swallowing difficulties (anaphylaxis), swelling of the brain, spinal cord, or surrounding tissues (encephalitis or meningitis), Guillain-Barré syndrome which can cause muscle weakness and paralysis, or dysfunction/failure of internal organs.
  • It is important to seek advice from a healthcare practitioner if you have a fever.



What are the yellow fever vaccine side effects?

This vaccine is generally safe and effective but can have side effects like any medical intervention. Most side effects are mild and temporary. Common side effects of this vaccine include:

Possible side effects of this vaccine include pain, redness, low-grade fever, headache, muscle aches, fatigue, joint pain, nausea or vomiting, and serious allergic reactions (extremely rare).

It’s important to note that the risk of experiencing severe side effects from the vaccine is much lower than the risk of contracting Yellow fever, which can be a serious and potentially fatal disease. The vaccine is recommended for travelers to areas where Yellow fever is endemic or where vaccination is required for entry.


How much does the yellow fever vaccine cost?

We offer self-pay and insurance pricing for the yellow fever vaccine. You can go to our book online webpage for self-pay pricing. If you want the Yellow fever vaccine through insurance, we will need you to pay for the yellow card separately, as insurance does not cover it. We can bill the vaccine and administration to the insurance.

Again, insurance might decline the yellow fever vaccine, so you must pay the amount determined by insurance. Please call the office at 9252639547 for more details on the Yellow fever vaccine through insurance.

You can look at our comprehensive travel services on this page.

How long does the Yellow fever vaccine last?

Yellow Fever vaccine provides lifelong protection once it is taken. In July 2016, the International Health Regulations were updated by the World Health Organization. The update stated that an International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis is now considered valid for the lifetime of the person who received the vaccine. Yellow Fever (YF) vaccine booster doses are no longer required.

It is also important to note that countries cannot demand proof of revaccination against Yellow Fever as a condition of entry, even if the traveler’s last vaccination was more than ten years ago. Please refer to CDC guidelines for more details.

Where can I get the yellow fever vaccine?

You can get travel vaccines at a CDC-certified travel clinic like ours. Dr Anuja Garg has been certified by CDC to give all travel vaccines, including Yellow Fever Vaccine. Dr Anuja Garg is a member of ISTM and has been certified by ISTM for practicing Travel Medicine.

What countries require the yellow fever vaccine?

The requirements for Yellow fever vaccination for entry into a country can change over time, and it’s essential to check the CDC website Or travel advisories for the most up-to-date information. Below are the list of countries that  need Yellow fever vaccination certificate for entry include:

  1. Angola
  2. Benin
  3. Burkina Faso
  4. Burundi
  5. Cameroon
  6. Central African Republic
  7. Chad
  8. Congo (Republic of the Congo)
  9. Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast)
  10. Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)
  11. Ecuador
  12. Equatorial Guinea
  13. Ethiopia
  14. French Guiana
  15. Gabon
  16. Gambia
  17. Ghana
  18. Guinea
  19. Liberia
  20. Mali
  21. Mauritania
  22. Niger
  23. Nigeria
  24. Panama
  25. Peru
  26. Rwanda
  27. Sao Tome and Principe
  28. Senegal
  29. Sierra Leone
  30. Sudan
  31. Suriname
  32. Togo
  33. Trinidad and Tobago
  34. Uganda
  35. Venezuela

Keep in mind that this list is not exhaustive, and there might be other countries or specific regions within countries that require the Yellow fever vaccine. Additionally, vaccination requirements can change, so it’s always best to check with official sources before planning your travel. You can refer to the updated list of countries on CDC website.


Are you a CDC-designated yellow fever vaccine clinic?

Yes, we are a designated travel clinic. Dr Anuja Garg has been certified by the CDC to give all travel vaccines, including Yellow Fever Vaccine. Dr. Anuja Garg is a member of ISTM and has been certified by ISTM for practicing Travel Medicine.




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