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Experience the allure of a lash lift and tint, a cosmetic innovation tailored to enhance the innate beauty of eyelashes. This sought-after method delicately elevates and curls lashes, creating a distinct, open-eyed look. The treatment uses specialized products to shape lashes, crafting the illusion of increased length and volume.

The procedure follows these stages:

  1. Preparation: Lashes are expertly cleansed free from makeup, oils, and debris.
  2. Solution Application: A curved silicone pad establishes the lash base. A lifting solution reshapes and softens lashes.
  3. Gentle Curling: A technician carefully lifts and curls lashes over the silicone pad with specialized tools for an elevated effect.
  4. Setting Solution: Once the desired curl is achieved, a setting solution locks in the lifted form.
  5. Optional Tinting: Some cases include tinting for darker, more visible lashes resembling mascara.
  6. Solution Removal and Nourishment: Solutions are gently removed, and lash health is maintained through nourishing serum or conditioner.

Lash lift effects endure for weeks, gradually fading as the natural lash cycle progresses. It offers a non-invasive alternative to extensions, providing a natural appearance while achieving elongated, curled lashes. Particularly suited for those with straight or downward-pointing lashes, it offers a refreshed and awakened appearance without needing daily curlers or mascara.



How long does a lash lift last?

The duration of lash lift results varies due to factors such as your lashes’ natural growth cycle, skincare routine, and the care provided. Typically, the effects of a lash lift last around 6 to 8 weeks. However, it’s essential to recognize that the lifted appearance gradually diminishes as your natural lashes progress through growth and shedding phases.

Here’s a general timeline to anticipate:

  • Immediate Results: A noticeable lift and curl are evident right after the procedure, most prominent in the initial days.
  • First Few Weeks: Over the initial weeks, you’ll enjoy the full benefits if your lashes maintain their lifted position. During this phase, your lashes retain their enhanced look.
  • Weeks 4 to 6: As your natural lash growth cycle advances, you might observe a slight reduction in lift as new lashes grow straighter. The effect will gradually fade, although your lashes will still exhibit more curl than their natural state.
  • Weeks 6 to 8: Initially lifted lashes will naturally shed and be replaced by new lashes with their original straight growth pattern. The lift’s effect will mostly dissipate, returning your lashes to their natural state.

To extend your lash lift’s lifespan, consider these tips:

  • Minimize Moisture: In the first 24 to 48 hours post-procedure, avoid wetting your lashes to allow solutions to set effectively.
  • Gentle Handling: When removing makeup or cleansing, be gentle to prevent excessive rubbing of your lashes.
  • Avoid Oil-Based Products: Oil-containing makeup removers and cleansers can weaken the adhesive used during the lash lift process, causing the effect to fade more quickly.
  • Lash Serum: A lash serum or conditioner supports lift durability by maintaining lash health and strength.

Remember, individual experiences vary, so consult your lash technician for personalized advice on preserving and extending your lash lift results.


How long does the lash tint last?

The endurance of a lash tint is subject to nuances like the individual’s lash growth cycle, tint type, and daily engagements. In general, lash tints persist for around 4 to 6 weeks. The tinted hue softly diminishes as natural lashes shed and fresh ones emerge.

Certain individuals choose touch-up sessions periodically to uphold the tint’s allure. Adhering to suitable aftercare practices, including evading oil-based products and minimizing eye rubbing, extends the tint’s vibrancy and longevity.


What product do you use for lash lift and tint?

Executing the lash lift procedure is entrusted to our certified Esthetician. We ensure excellence throughout the process by employing the renowned Ellebana lash lift products. Our tint procedure features the Rectofil lash tint product, a validated FDA-compliant choice tailored for proficient estheticians to deliver impeccable results.


Why use Eleebana Lash Lift products?

Elleebana distinguishes itself within the realm of lash enhancement with its distinct attributes, exceptional quality, and esteemed reputation. Their pioneering formulations yield remarkable and enduring outcomes while upholding the well-being of natural lashes. Professionals are afforded diverse lash lift products tailored to different preferences and lash characteristics. The brand’s dedication to safety and quality, training initiatives, and emphasis on lash health contribute to its international recognition and prominent position in the industry.


Why use Refectocil’s last tint products?

Refectocil stands among the select FDA-compliant lash tint offerings. Renowned in the beauty realm, their lash tint products are celebrated for compelling reasons:

  • Craftsmanship and Excellence: Refectocil is synonymous with crafting top-tier lash tint products, ensuring unwavering, dependable outcomes. Their formulations yield even, enduring color coverage, elevating lash aesthetics.
  • Shade Diversity: With a rich array of tint shades, Refectocil empowers clients to achieve their desired lash hue—an understated enhancement or a dramatic statement.
  • Professional Endorsement: Beauty experts, including lash technicians and estheticians, commonly embrace Refectocil products. Their industry presence bolsters credibility and appeal.
  • Compatibility and Safety: Utilized by skilled practitioners, Refectocil’s tints are designed for safe application on lashes and brows, minimizing the risk of irritation.
  • Effortless Application: With comprehensive instructions and user-friendly techniques, Refectocil streamlines the process, enabling professionals to achieve desired outcomes seamlessly.
  • Lasting Effects: While individual experiences vary, Refectocil’s tints generally bestow enduring charm for several weeks, enhancing lash aesthetics over an extended span.
  • Esteemed Identity: With a substantial foothold in the beauty arena, Refectocil’s legacy underscores its commitment to adeptly meeting lash and brow enhancement needs.

How is the experience of doing a lash lift with the Eleebana lash lift kit?

Elleebana introduces a secure pathway to attain elegantly lifted lashes that captivate for up to 12 weeks. The results are steadfast, conjuring the optical magic of heightened length, density, and richer lash hue. Upholding hygiene, our single-use sachets offer a seamless solution, ensuring immaculate lash lifts with utmost convenience.




How will the experience with doing Lash tint using Refectocil products?

Embarking on a lash tint journey with Refectocil products assures a realm of professionalism and exactitude. Our meticulously selected tints span an array of enchanting hues, guaranteeing the realization of your envisioned style. Guided by adept professionals, the procedure guarantees safety and ease, culminating in exquisitely defined lashes that harmonize effortlessly with your innate beauty.


Lash lift vs. Lash extensions

When it comes to enhancing the allure of your lashes, both lash lifts and extensions offer unique approaches, each accompanied by a range of benefits. Let’s delve into the juxtaposition of these two celebrated lash enhancement techniques:


Lash Lift: Reviving Natural Grace

A lash lift functions as a magical wand, awakening the inherent charm of your lashes. This non-invasive procedure grants lashes a captivating upward curl, creating the illusion of enhanced length and openness. Working from the lash base, it forms an elegant arch reminiscent of perfectly applied mascara. The results emit a supremely natural radiance, enhancing your eyes without the need for added lash materials.


Key Features of Lash Lift:

  • Enhances natural lashes with a lifted and curved appearance.
  • Requires no lash extensions or supplementary substances.
  • Evokes a wide-eyed and alert expression.
  • Ideal for those favoring a low-maintenance beauty routine.
  • Typically preserves effects for weeks, gradually returning to your inherent lash state.


Lash Extensions: Amplifying Glamour

Lash extensions offer a direct path to immediate lash allure. This technique involves attaching synthetic lashes to your existing ones using specialized adhesives. The outcome? Luxuriously elongated lashes with added volume and flair tailored to your chosen style. Lash extensions provide a customizable approach, allowing you to achieve the lash aesthetic you desire, whether it’s a natural flutter or a bold statement.


Key Features of Lash Extensions:

  • Instantly augments length, often accompanied by volume and drama.
  • It involves attaching individual synthetic lashes to natural ones.
  • Requires recurring maintenance appointments as natural lashes shed.
  • Offers a spectrum of styles, from subtle to striking.
  • Persists until natural lashes naturally shed, usually 4 to 6 weeks, necessitating touch-ups.

In essence, a lash lift refines the curl and look of your innate lashes, while lash extensions offer the freedom to experiment with length, volume, and style. The choice between the two hinges on your aesthetic preferences, maintenance habits, and lifestyle. Whether drawn to the subtle elegance of a lash lift or the instant allure of extensions, both approaches offer distinct ways to frame your eyes and elevate your beauty regimen.


Before and after Lash lift with Ellebana


Where can I review the price for the lash lift and book online?

You can visit this page to review lash lift prices and book an appointment online.


What other beauty treatments do you offer?

Explore an array of treatments available at our medical spa. Delve into our comprehensive catalog of services and their corresponding prices via the online booking page. Rest assured, there’s no need to make a reservation or provide credit card details to access the pricing information.



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